Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow transplant is a restoration process that is carried out on an individual, where some extra strands of hair are transferred to compliment or replace the natural eyebrows. The concept that inspires this is that, when the eyebrows of a person are full, with the appropriate shape and form, then the beauty and outlook of such individual is enhanced. Thin eyebrows or the absence of them makes one’s face to lose some of its appeals and attracts undue attention to the facial features. Scanty or no eyebrows can be caused by genetic problems, or by over-plucking, or even by scars from previous injuries. Eyebrow restoration is, therefore, an ideal measure to create more facial beauty. It is either carried out as an absolute substitution or as an introduction of patches of hair to some deficient areas. The advocates of eyebrow transplant are steadily on the increase as more persons are getting more aware of cosmetic details and also more conscious of their appearance.

The eyebrow transplant process is a quite simple and permanent beautification strategy, unlike others like dying and tattooing. This unique beautification process makes use of your hair to enhance your natural looks. So, it is not like there is any implant or infusion of any foreign material into your body that could cause any adverse effect. In fact, the end-product of an eyebrow restoration is usually indistinguishable from the natural brow as the new and old hair blend into unison. This transplant is one that is incredibly artistic; that entails that a brow is carefully designed to fit the client. The creation is done to match with the person’s facial features and facial type; it is also based on personal preference which differs with various individuals. Attributes to consider include the right hair thickness, brow length, the curved shaped, and the distance between the eyebrows.

Types of eyebrow transplant

  • Complete Restoration

This kind of eyebrow transplant is carried out on patients who were born with none or little eyebrows; who for one reason or the other, ended up in such state along the course of their lives. It could be as a result of genetic issues, or an accident, a disease, or any other cause. People in this category are usually the best samples of the eyebrow transplant process as the change is usually too dramatic. Despite this difference, everything will still appear real and natural because it has been carried out with the patient’s hair. The dimension of restoration is usually around the measure of about 200 or more grafts.

  • Partial Restoration

In this type of brow restoration, the transplant is carried out on patients who have thin eyebrows and desire to make them fuller. This richer form of brows is becoming the trend in recent times, as more individuals are increasingly on the quest to acquiring such. Those who have developed the constant habit of plucking the brows do experience the challenge of re-growth. A restoration in the region of 100 to 200 grafts can help resolve the issue and present a permanent change on the patient’s facial beauty.

  • Supplementary Restoration

Some people have more quantity of eyebrows but also have some patches of deficiency. A lot of persons with this type of brows are usually those who experienced accidents or had injuries that affected that area of the face. Some artistic maneuvers are required in this situation as the new hair must be planted in such a way that it will blend into the outline of the former one. Since it needs some little upgrade, just between 50 to 100 grafts does the job and delivers the required result.

Reasons Why You Should Have An Eyebrow Transplant

  • It can boost your facial appearance and general aesthetics
  • If problems with the eyebrows can cause a deep in self-confidence and social prowess in some persons, then an eyebrow restoration can enhance these qualities.
  • The Eyebrow transplant is an entirely natural process that is void of side-effects, unlike other eyebrow treatment measures like tattooing and dying.
  • Another reason to love this is that it is a painless process, the patient experiences no discomfort.
  • The transplanted hair has an impressively high regrowth rate.
  • The recovery period after the operation is usually short, between 5 to 7 days.

The Transplant Procedure

The whole process ought to produce a new pair of eyebrows that look as natural as possible, while also displaying enough aesthetics. The patient is sedated by an anesthetic before anything starts. The hair donor is the same patient himself/herself because the hair is usually taken from the back of the head, as that is where to get finer hairs. The strands of hair are picked and planted individually so as to get a perfect structure as possible. Even after the plantation is done, the brows must be inspected carefully by both the doctor and patient until they are both satisfied before it is deemed to be completed.

The duration of the procedure depends on the quantity of hair to be planted. The minimum period for this process that is if the hairs are less is usually between two to three hours. When it becomes a more serious issue that involves more strands of hair, then we should peg the timing to be between three to five hours.

The Post-Transplant Experience

After the process must have been completed, the patient will need to be in a recovery mode for duration of five to seven days. There is more likely to be the formation of crust particles on the eyebrows at the initial stages of the recovery. However, some pink coloration takes over, after the crusts must have fallen off. It takes a few weeks, and then the pinkness disappears. Then comes the desired outcome, which is the eyebrow assuming their pure and natural looks. However, all these recovery details shouldn’t disturb your schedule as you can resume work or school just three days after the procedure if you are in a hurry to get busy. If not, you would want to be off for up to a week for that all of the signs around the eyebrows to be gone. The eyebrow transplant is a good experience to undergo; just everything about it is advantageous to you.