What You Need To Know Before Getting That Eyebrow Restoration

They say, well-formed and fuller eyebrows create a beautiful look by framing the face. Missing eyebrows or eyebrows that are too thin make for undesirable attention drawn to a person’s face. Enter eyebrow restoration, which is an exemplary way to touch up areas of hair loss or replace eyebrow hair, which has diminished as an outcome of genetic reasons, over-plucking over a long period of time, or scars.

The surgical procedure of eyebrow restoration is meant for permanent recovery or eyebrow appearance customization. The original intent behind the procedure was to assist patients with illnesses that inhibit eyebrow hair growth or victims of burns. There has since been an evolution of eyebrow restoration into a cosmetic measure best-liked by people in pursuit of perfect eyebrows. A little hair is transferred to the eyebrow area from right above the ear area.

The process is very creative in that there is individual brow design heavily relying on your personal preference, your facial type, and facial features. Also taken into consideration by a physician with experience should be eyebrow length, proper hair thickness, the shape of the arch, and the space between the eyebrows.

Eyebrow restoration is a permanent solution based on the fact that you use your own natural hair to reproduce a very natural look. It makes use of a one-of-a-kind follicular unit transplantation to reach the following goal. Eyebrow restoration has gotten quite a high appeal due to the sensible cost of the procedure and amazing outcomes not to mention that the results of the transplants are practically non-detectable and the hairs that have been transplanted blend in with the actual eyebrow.

There are striking eyebrow restoration examples of people who as a result of illness or genetic purposes and other reasons, have patchy, thin or little to no eyebrows. For such subjects, a 200+ graft eyebrow restoration will generate a naturally and attractively shaped eyebrow line due to the use of your very own hair.

If you ‘fell victim’ to the trend of paper-thin eyebrows at some point in time but wish to get fuller eyebrows again, then a procedure of 101-199 grafts can permanently and greatly complement your look. Tweezing and plucking of the eyebrows for years can prohibit regrowth of the hairs hence the enhancement procedure.

On the other hand, you may just have the procedure done for slight re-shaping or just a bit more volume which is a simple touch-up. This entails grafts of as few as 50-100 which can make a significant variation in your appearance, not to mention that in relation to tattooing or penciling it is a lot more natural.