The Cost Of A Full Head Of Hair

Hair plugs which are also known as hair transplants term a surgical procedure which encompasses movement from a thicker hair patch (donor site) on the scalp of healthy hairs to a balding area. One may get several sessions of hair plugs based on the hair color and hair thickness. There are various hair plug techniques which differ based on the graft shape and size from the donor site. In the micro-graft method, there is the transfer of one or two hairs at a time. In a session, there can be the transplant of up to 700 plugs or hairs to the area that is balding. 2 to 4 hairs are transplanted in the mini-graft technique at a time. For the slit-graft technique, there will be a creation of an incision/slit by the doctor and placement into the slit of the graft. Normally 4-10 hairs will be transplanted per graft. Punch grafts contain 10-15 hairs and are round shaped. Strip grafts are normally thin, long and rectangular. 30-40 hairs will be transferred in this technique and 50 plugs transplanted in one session to the balding area.

The price for your procedure will depend greatly on the degree of your hair loss, the larger the area that needs to be treated, the higher the cost of your transplant. Prices of hair plugs depend heavily on the number of grafts you will need with an average cost per graft of roughly 2-5 pounds each. The scale under which the hair plugs fall under is as below:

  • Early receding hairline/Norwood 2 which comprises of roughly 500-800 grafts and the cost ranges from 1300- 5300$.
  • Receding hairline/ Norwood 3 which comprises 800-1000 grafts and costs about 2100-6600$.
  • Male pattern baldness, crown included is made up of 1000-1500 grafts under which you will pay roughly 2700-9900$.
  • Severe male pattern baldness/ Norwood 7 will require up to 7500 grafts and is classified as the priciest at around 40000$.

It is also important to note that your surgeon’s reputation, quality and most importantly, the experience will warrant for increased hair transplant costs. It will cost you a lot more to get the best surgeon to perform the hair transplant procedure and vice versa.

You also need to consider that having a hair transplant that is low cost  done may end up costing  you a lot more in the long run as you may need to have corrective work done on account of poor work done. For this reason, you will find it well worth to look around and find out the cost of a hair transplant due to a variation of prices at different facilities and significant competition among those places.