Why That Extra Cent Is Worth The Hair Transplants

If you are planning on getting a hair transplant procedure, cost is one of the things you will want to consider. It is a major determining factor that many women and men use to decide on whether to proceed with the procedure. Most places that offer hair transplant procedures such as Follicular Unit Extraction or Follicular Unit Transplantation will charge per graft putting in mind that each graft consists of 1 to 4 follicles.  The more the follicles, the lower you will be charged per follicle. As an example, if you decide to have 1200 done as opposed to 600 the cost will not be doubled and as thus it would be safe to note that the price of the procedure will not be doubled if you get twice the number of hair follicles installed.

Given that there are classifications of hair loss, if you don’t need a high number of transplants (which would be categorized as under 1000 grafts) to hide your bald spot the cost would range between $8 and $9.50 per graft. On the other hand, you would pay roughly between $5.50 and $7 per graft for a considerable transplant comprising of a high graft number. As such the cost is not precise due to the variation of each patient’s type of hair loss and also donor hair. Due to the individual recommendation for treatment for each patient in relation to their type of hair loss, the cost may range from $4000-$16000 in certain cases.

If you want a more accurate cost, you can go to any facility where the procedure is offered and get a consultation free of charge. There you will be able to discuss the advantage of each of the hair restoration alternative methods and the respective costs associated with them. During your free and confidential consultation, you will discuss the different terms of payment associated with each provider.

Some people are more likely to be taken aback by the cost when they first hear of it. But you should take into consideration the fact that hair transplantation procedures are not temporary cosmetic measures like hair systems or wigs. Considering those cosmetic solutions need conservation, unlike hair restoration which occurs once for other people. Some subjects elect to have additional procedures done based on their level of hair loss, personal choice, long-term goals and the capacity of their first procedure. However, for most people, it just takes one procedure to restore their lost hair permanently. This is how you know that hair transplantation is of great value and is thus worth every penny.