Is Hair Transplant A Permanent Hair Loss Solution?

Alopecia, which is also known as baldness, is a type of hair loss that occurs due to some deficiency in the immune system when it attacks the hair follicles. Balding can also be caused by the DHT hormone which causes hair to thin out and fall. When the follicles are damaged, the hair falls out which results in permanent smooth hair patches on the scalp and hair will not grow again. The hair falls in one area before spreading to other regions and with time the whole head becomes bald. This will result in uncomfortable feeling for someone who is having his or her hair fall out. This condition can not be cured, but can be treated. One of the treatment is hair transplant.

Hair transplant is a solution that many balding people have sought to replace their hair. Hair transplant is a hair replacement treatment that involves restoring the hair by transplanting follicles into the damaged areas. Both men and women are suitable for this treatment, and most people are opting for this option rather than the temporary solutions. The procedure is done under anesthesia where the healthy follicles from other areas of the head are removed and transplanted into the areas where the hair loss is occurring.  This is a permanent procedure as these planted hairs which are going to last forever when they are transplanted.

Hair transplant is made permanent because of the delicate procedure that is involved in transplanting. The doctor does “strip harvesting” which involves removing a strip of the scalp where there is natural bundling and then cutting out the strip into tiny grafts. The grafts are transplanted into the areas that are bald. The number of type and number of grafts that are harvested depends on the hair type, color, quality and size of the balding scalp.  The procedure takes about 4-8 hours to be complete, and you will need to take anti-inflammatory and pain relieving drugs.

The transplanted hairs are resistant to the DHT hormone, hence they will not thin out and fall. The transplanted follicles have to settle in the scalp before you notice new hair growing. There is no need for special treatment as you wait for hair to grow. Once the hair starts to grow, there will be some shading, but this should not worry you as this is normal and the hair is experiencing what is called “shock loss.” this means that the scalp is healing and preparing for the growth of new hair.

Hair transplant has more benefits than choosing the temporary hair loss solutions. It’s a great way of restoring the fullness of hair on the scalp and also regrown the hairline. You need to get someone who has specialized in hair loss and hair transplanting so as to get the best results and not experience any balding again. The physician will take the appropriate medical history, do a thorough examination and guide you on the hair transplant procedure. However, if balding occurs in other areas, one will need to have hair transplant again in those areas.