There are several motives exactly why individuals choose to go and get themselves an eyebrow transplant. The motives normally fall into two simple deciding factors. The preference to have this process carried out will be for cosmetic reasons or there will be a medical cause why men and women have this done.

Eyebrows are a rather essential characteristic of the face as they create a lovely frame as well as provide some form of protection for the eyes.

Fashion changes quite a lot during the space of a year, a couple of years or over a decade. This will also affect the style of eyebrows that are in vogue.  At one time it used to be the look to have very thin eyebrows where an eyebrow pencil is used to further enhance the look. During the 1980’s big bushy brows then became fashionable.

These days the brow is neither too thick nor too thin.  Most people can create the perfect brow shape using eyebrow threading, plucking or bleaching.   If you get the perfect arch, this will help to improve how your eye makeup looks.  A brow brush will also help to give your face a little more finesse

However if you need to add hair to the area above the eyes, you may need to visit a specialist surgeon who will be able to help you achieve the look of your dreams.

Getting eyebrow hair transplants can be a painful experience but if you have no other alternative, you may feel that this short term pain is justified because of the long term gains.

Find out as much as you can about what the procedure involves and how much it will cost.  A professional cosmetic eye surgeon will be happy to advise you.  Start of with doing some research online then you should definitely make an appointment with someone in your area to discuss the matter further.